Graveyards and Cemeteries are important places in the Ghost Rider mythos.

  • Naomi Kale had a showdown with Mephisto, died and was buried in the Cypress Hills cemetery by her evil ancestor. [1]
  • At one point early in his adventures, Ghost Rider took refuge in a Nassau County graveyard, remarking that "for all intents and purposes, I am dead." [2]
  • Davey of the Flaming Cyclists tried to resurrect his parents in one, but Ghost Rider stopped him and gave his (in)famous "graveyard" speech: "You shouldn't do it . . . because a pact with Satan will doom you to a fate far more terrible than death! Once, like you I tried to undo a tragedy by forging an alliance with the netherworld! And now, rash mortal, you gaze upon the price my mortal folly cost me! Look, if you dare, into these fiery orbs and know that Johnny Blaze is doomed to roam the earth for all eternity as the Ghost Rider!! But Vengeance is not the rightful task of mortal men! It is the appointed task of the Ghost Rider!" [3]
  • Cypress Hills Cemetery was a base of the Dan Ketch Ghost Rider's and Caretaker's operations. Ghost Rider was actually reborn at a neighboring junkyard (Gallagher's Junkyard), but he used this graveyard as his main base of operations in early adventures. [4]


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